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Viral upper respiratory illnesses (VURI) are the most frequent cause of acute illness in the United States with over 500 million VURI occurring annually. VURI are caused by a variety of viruses including rhinovirus, coronavirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and RSV. The mechanism by which VURI spread is well established and ends with viral contamination of the mucous membranes of the nose or eyes. Although hand washing is important to help limit spread of these illnesses, it is an ineffective method of illness prevention because the hands only stay clean until coming in contact with another object or person contaminated with virus.

Swype Shield is a novel product specially formulated to keep the skin inside and at the entrance to the nose (the nares) clean. Using Swype Shield only 2-3x/day provides an unparalleled level of protection from VURI. By targeting the skin closest to the point of viral infection, keeping the nares clean with Swype Shield is a more effective mechanism for reducing VURI than hand washing alone. In vitro testing demonstrates the ingredients in Swype Shield kill > 99.9% of all VURI viruses tested, and a clinical trial demonstrated nearly 70% reduction in incidence of the common cold.
Swype Shield has been cleared by the FDA as a product intended to clean the skin. It is best used on the skin inside and at the entrance to your nose.


 Virus Tested % Reduction
Human Influenza A >99.99
Human Influenza B >99.99
Avian Influenza >99.99
Swine Influenza


Rhinovirus (15 serotypes) >99.93
Adenovirus (3 serotypes) >99.99
Coronavirus >99.99
Parainfluenza Virus >99.99
Respiratory Syncytial Virus >99.99
SARS-associated coronavirus >99.99