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Most germs enter the body through the nose. Swype to shield where it matters most!

Safe for 2 Years to Adult

Specially formulated to protect you and your family from viruses, colds, and flus.

Feel Safe With Swype Shield

Swype Shield is an all natural nasal protectant gel proven to kill > 99.99% of viruses, colds, and the flu.

Created by a physician with a PhD in virology to help keep his family healthy.

FDA cleared as a product intended to clean the skin, Swype Shield is an All Natural protectant nasal gel that targets the point of entry of viruses that cause upper respiratory infections – your nose!

Protection for the Whole Family

Swype Shield is safe to use from age 2 to 122 😉.  Apply a small amount of the clear, ordorless gel to the skin at the entrance to the nose 3x/day for maximum effectiveness.

Under 2?

All Natural Ingredients

Swype Shield is comprised of all natural ingredients, is paraben and zinc free, and is never tested on animals. Even the tube is BPA free.


Scientifically Based

The active ingredients in Swype Shield were tested by an independent laboratory for their effectiveness against viruses that cause colds and flu.


What is Swype Shield?

Swype Shield is a unique product created by a physician with a PhD specializing in virology to help protect his family from getting sick. Most cold and flu viruses enter the body through the nose. Swype
Shield was created to safely and effectively clean the skin inside and at the entrance to your nose (FDA cleared as a product intended to clean the skin). This clear, odorless, all natural gel dries quickly and is naturally hydrating. Recommended use is three times per day to reduce your chance of catching colds and flu. Regular use should be as much a part of your daily routine as hand washing. One tube should last one person one month.

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