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Swype Shield For Children

Swype Shield

If you have a young child then you most likely have noticed that many medications and supplements indicate that they are intended for age 2 and older. The reason for this age restriction, of course, is to reduce product liability.  But it is important to know that most products are not tested on very young children for obvious reasons (for one, they can’t describe side effects when they are pre-verbal).  

So, what about Swype Shield in very young children?  Well, if you choose to use the product on your young child then you need to carefully monitor for skin redness or irritation, or general signs of fussiness.  If you notice any of these symptoms then reduce or stop usage completely.  Lastly, be careful not to put the product up the nostrils, just on the skin at the entrance to the nostrils.  The reason for this is simply that the product is more likely to cause irritation of the mucus membranes.

We used the product following these guidelines on our youngest son when he was 1. He stayed healthy despite being around his older brother and sister..  He grew up to be a typical teenager, we’ll let you decide if that’s an acceptable outcome or not!