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What Is Swype Shield?

Developed by Dr. Kent New, MD, PhD, with the goal of keeping his family healthy, Swype Shield is an All Natural protectant nasal gel that has been proven to kill > 99.99% of all viral upper respiratory illnesses (VURI), including Coronavirus, Human Influenza, and Rhinovirus.

Dr. New created Swype Shield to help his children who were often catching colds or getting the flu – resulting in them having to miss school.  In addition, the illnesses would eventually spread to everyone in his family. 

With his family’s health as motivation, Dr. New developed Swype by using his experience as a physician and researcher working with viruses, as well as his knowledge that you can’t keep your hands clean all the time nor keep from touching your nose.

Swype Shield has been cleared by the FDA as a product intended to clean the skin, and a clinical trial demonstrated nearly a 70% reduction in incidence of the common cold.

Now with over 10 years of experience using and selling Swype Shield, and hundreds of happy customers, we take pride in knowing that regular use of Swype Shield will help protect your health.