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How To Use Swype Shield

Thank you for putting your trust in our product, you have made a wise decision! Please take a minute to read this to make sure you are using Swype correctly.

We have over 10 years of experience with Swype Shield and we know it works but you must use it properly.  

Apply a small amount to the skin inside your nose 3x/day for best results.  Regular showering and face washing does not do an adequate job of killing viruses inside your nose.  Using Swype will do that for you. You can apply it with a clean finger or a Q-tip.
Tubes: We usually use a smaller tube with a slant tip but those tubes are only made in China and so were not available this winter when we needed them.  We had to find the best tube we could in the US which is larger with a flat tip.  We fill by weight and there is 8gm in each tube but because the tubes are larger they don’t feel full and it will take more effort to get the product out.  Use a small amount for each application and it will last several weeks, typically 6 to 8 weeks.
Expiration: The product remains active for at least 4 years.  Over time and in the heat it will lose some viscosity. Try to minimize exposure to high heat.

Testimonial: I thought you might like to read an excerpt from a letter I received from one of our long term customers when we were back-ordered in March:

“I have been using Swype for nine years and I have not had a cold, nor have I had the flu.  I can’t get a flu shot because of an allergy. Really happy with your product.”  As I said, we know it works!

Thank you for putting your trust in Swype Shield!

Kent New, MD, PhD